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Avengers AU: The Death of Captain America

For junkilope. Because today I was given a revelation about the power of the AU.

Steve: What are you doing, Stark?

Tony: Bit of improvisation, Cap. It’s really more my style. I mean, don’t get me wrong. The down to the last detail planning looks good on you. Really good. It’s just not me.

Hulk: #I will save you science bro.

Tony: Not bad as far as landings go. Though, Banner, I feel obligated to acknowledge your aid in the process.

Steve: *Watching a clearly drunk Tony fumble with his armor after the mission.*

Steve: What the hell was that?

Tony: That was awesome. That’s what that was.

Steve: It was reckless, and stupid.

Tony: That’s what I just said, isn’t it? Drink?

Steve: Unbelievable. You put Bruce, not to mention, yourself in unnecessary danger due to your irresponsible behavior and you still want another drink? Is everything a joke to you?

Tony: Not everything. Just funny things. For example, your definition of “unnecessary danger”. Everything we do is unnecessarily dangerous. Or did are you under the impression that fighting killer aliens was beneficial for your health? Because if you are, Cap, you and I just might have more in common than I had initially thought.

Steve: I’m sorry, Tony. You’re out.

Steve: Everyone else, let’s move. Another call just came in.

Fury: Stark. It has come to my attention that you have become a liability to the team. From now on, you’re back to consultant. No more field ops for you.

Tony: *Nose buried in a martini glass* Mmhmm.


Steve: Hey, Banner. Nice work today. I mean it. I really appreciate you staying with the team despite Tony’s dismissal. I know he’s a good friend of yours. It just seemed to me that he’d started drinking more than normal, had become a liability.

Bruce: Define “normal”.

Natasha: Call just came in. Robots attacking in midtown. Banner, you’re coming with us for a briefing. Captain, suit up and meet us in the hangar in ten. Stark …

Tony:  Yeah. Yeah. I know. Sit here like a good little boy and watch the whole thing on television. Incidentally, do you think we could make this a sport? I bet we’d make a killing off that. Speaking of bets, I’ll put two million down on Hawkeye as a no-show today. Any takers?

Natasha: Goodbye Stark.

Captain America getting into costume montage.


Steve: I’ll see you around, Tony.

Tony: Yeah. See ya.


- Marvel’s The Avengers

4:01 am - Monday, June 18, 2012
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